Persol Eyewear: When Style Becomes a Way of Life

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Innovative technologies and the highest quality materials for eyewear models with an extraordinary design!

In the enchanting setting of Turin in 1917, Giuseppe Ratti founded the Persol brand with a clear vision: to create eyewear that combined design and functionality to offer impeccable sun protection. This distinctive philosophy has made Persol a globally renowned name, synonymous with timeless style.

As early as the 1960s, international actors and directors proudly wore Persol eyewear, testifying to a golden era for Italian cinema and the Dolce Vita. This deep connection with the world of film has established Persol as an authentic emblem of Italian style, embodying a philosophy based on authenticity, beauty, and the pleasure of living everyday life with elegance.

The new Persol collection stems from a heritage of value and an enduring philosophy, presenting a range of sunglasses and prescription glasses that offer optimal sun protection without compromising visual clarity. Each Persol frame is the result of meticulous craftsmanship, made with the highest quality materials. However, what truly sets them apart are the unique patents that ensure comfort, balance, and a perfect fit without feeling restrictive.

Choosing a pair of Persol glasses means embracing a true way of life, not just wearing a fashion accessory. Every pair of Persol glasses embodies a philosophy that celebrates authenticity, timeless elegance, and the pleasure of living life with an unmistakable touch of class.

One of the iconic models in the Persol collection is the Persol PO3268S. This unique eyewear offers an unparalleled portability experience. The frame stands out with its wide and snug-fitting temples, thanks to the patented Meflecto system and flexible metal hinges exclusive to the brand. In perfect harmony with vintage aesthetics, the eyewear is available in a varied palette of vibrant acetates, offering a wide selection to express your unique style. The premium crystal lenses, available in classic and gradient colors, ensure exceptional visual quality.

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Another model that embodies excellence in style is the Persol 714SM eyewear, dedicated to Steve McQueen. This model, available in both sunglasses and prescription glasses, represents a pinnacle of craftsmanship in creating eccentric and avant-garde frames for those who love to wear clothing and accessories that reflect an extravagant spirit. The 714SM sunglasses are based on the 714 frame, the first-ever foldable model. Despite being present for over 50 years, these sunglasses have never lost their charm.

Each pair in this splendid collection undergoes ten additional production stages compared to a standard pair of sunglasses. The 714SM model (714- Steve McQueen) features an updated folding system, with a book-style closing mechanism that moves from the outside to the inside, unlike in the past. These sunglasses retain the details of the original model worn by McQueen and include his name engraved on the temple and on the leather case. Like all Persol sunglasses, this model also features the unmistakable Persol Supreme Arrow on the front, temple, and folding hinge halfway along the temple.

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If you are seeking glasses that offer timeless style, exquisite craftsmanship, and optimal sun protection, the Persol collection is the perfect choice. With its unique details, artisanal care, and the life philosophy it represents, Persol is much more than just an eyewear brand. It is a statement of style and a life experience.

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