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Vava Eyewear Unique eyewear that invites you to participate in a forward-thinking movement. For a contemporary look, subtly futuristic, conceptual and timeless.

Vava Eyewear

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VAVA is a unique and cutting-edge eyewear brand offering both sunglasses and prescription glasses, aiming to change the world with its contemporary and futuristic design. Inspired by minimalism and the Bauhaus movement, VAVA eyewear seeks to establish a dialogue between craftsmanship and high technology, combining the expertise, knowledge, and art of great masters of handmade eyewear.

VAVA glasses feature pure lines, essential shapes, and aerodynamic design, promoting social progress and a vision that transcends distinctions of age, gender, or race. The brand follows a unisex philosophy and actively engages in the ongoing cultural change. VAVA also focuses on environmental sustainability, using eco-friendly Mazzucchelli acetate, Barberini crystal lenses, eco-friendly aluminum, and minimal paper packaging, eliminating plastic.

VAVA eyewear is produced in small family-run factories located in the Treviso region of northern Italy, an area surrounded by breathtaking mountains and forests. Local production reflects VAVA's commitment to an ethical and sustainable working environment.

VAVA eyewear frames are available in three different series: Acetate, Aluminum, and Nylon. Acetate frames are eco-friendly, made with Mazzucchelli's M49 acetate, while aluminum frames are lightweight and durable. The Nylon series, produced in Belgium, combines fashion and sports in an iconic collection of 3D printed glasses.

VAVA is a unique eyewear brand that invites you to participate in a forward-thinking movement. His contemporary design glasses, subtly futuristic, conceptual and timeless, are the result of a look towards the future.

VAVA seeks to promote a dialogue between craftsmanship and high technology, using the most advanced technologies. A technological product which, at the same time, embodies the experience, knowledge and art of the great masters of handmade eyewear. This approach, combined with the use of the highest quality materials, makes VAVA one of a kind.

What characterizes these glasses? Pure lines, essential shapes, rational design and, above all, social progress. VAVA is inspired by minimalism and the Bauhaus movement, admiring artists such as Malevich, Sol Lewitt and Josef Albers. As if they were part of a minimalist imaginary where aesthetics is the result of eliminating gender. The great challenge lies in the exercise of eliminating superfluous compositional elements, ornaments and romanticism to build a neutral genre.

The unisex philosophy is naturally part of the brand's DNA. The unisex concept is one of the ways for the future. In a moment of cultural transformation, VAVA envisions an ageless, genderless and raceless future, using terms such as equality and diversity. Addressing the demand for quick changes to an age-old paradigm requires more than just a discussion. It is imperative to become part of the change because we already live in the future.

VAVA glasses come in an innovative slim case made of natural rubber without hinges. With the aim of creating unique and eco-friendly products, VAVA invites customers to join a progressive and revolutionary movement in the world of eyewear.

Together, we can make a difference and contribute to a greener and more stylish future!

Ottica Lucciola is committed to selecting emerging, eco-friendly brands and embracing innovative and responsible cultures, ensuring that its customers receive high-quality products with unique design. By choosing VAVA from Ottica Lucciola or on OtticaLucciola.net, you can participate in a progressive and sustainable movement in the world of eyewear, contributing to a more responsible and environmentally respectful future.

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