Advanced Contactology

contact lens fitting study

Contactology is a science that studies the different techniques for the application of contact lenses, the materials used for their manufacture, and their functioning. We now explore in detail what solutions does Ottica Lucciola offer.

Anteprima Occhio per servizio di Contattologia Avanzata

Careful and scrupulous medical history

Anteprima Lenti a contatto per servizio Contattologia Avanzata

Adequate visual comfort

The optometric examination performed by Dr. Bruno Lucciola, is initially characterized by an accurate and scrupulous medical history analysis in order to identify and evaluate the patient’s vision problem, and then consequential assistance by qualified personnel toward the selection of the proper prescription glasses or contact lenses in order to ensure adequate visual comfort. Specifically, in our practice we perform:

  • Astigmatism lenses: astigmatism is a visual disturbance that causes reduced visual clarity due to a deformation on the surface of the eye or an alteration of the internal structures of they eyeball.
  • Semi-rigid lenses: semi-rigid lenses are specific lenses manufactured with certain polymers that allow, as opposed to rigid contact lenses, a better diffusion of oxygen in the cornea, lowering the feeling of stress and improving visual comfort.
  • Keratoconus lenses: are large diameter contact lenses, designed to cover the cornea’s surface in its entirety by having the eye’s external white part supporting it. In order to preserve the integrity of the cornea, these lenses are designed to prevent the mechanical touch with it.
  • Multifocal lenses: the orthokeratological contact lenses are worn in the evening before going to sleep and are removed in the morning; the use of these lenses enables the correction of visual defects such as myopia, astigmatism and allow to see well without needing lenses or glasses for the rest of the day. They are very refined lenses that allow the required oxygen to reach the eye even while the eyelid is closed. It is a non-invasive, reversible, tested, safe, and effective procedure that allows the management of myopic progression. Pilots, law enforcement officers, military, fire fighters, children, lifeguards, athletes and many others can benefit from orthokeratology. Finally, orthokeratology is the ideal solution for those who do mot wish to have discomforts due to glasses or contact lenses during sport, skiing, swimming, under water activities, motorbike and bicycle trips, and other activities.

The specialized services Optics Lucciola

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Custom lenses

Ottica Lucciola is the reference point in Formia, Gaeta, Itri, Scauri Minturno, Fondi, Sperlonga and other southern Pontine countries for those who want to undergo optometric exams, create customized glasses for excellent visual comfort and uncompromising style.

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