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Anteprima dello Studio per esame optometrico Ottica Lucciola FormiaAn optometric examination begins with a patient hearing, a thorough acquaintance of the patient’s perceived disorders, then moves onto the medical history, and finally culminates in a prescription for a suitable and comfortable correction of the refractive defect. In the case of Ottica Lucciola, the op-tometrist Bruno Lucciola performs this examination with the aid of state-of-the-art tools and equipment, in order to delve into the aspects that guarantee a fine and comfortable vision. What does our optometric examination involve? The optometric examination consists of a complete evaluation of the visual skills and is performed through a series of specific tests that highlight possible sensorial and/or functional deficiencies. Such deficiencies are often the basis of disorders such as double vision, temporary sight blurring, headache, and alterations of balance and posture.

Esami optometrici presso lo Studio Ottica Lucciola a Formia

State-of-the-art tools and equipment

Esami optometrici presso lo Studio Ottica Lucciola a Formia

State-of-the-art tools and equipment

The optometric examination performed by Dr. Bruno Lucciola, is initially characterized by an accu-rate and scrupulous medical history analysis in order to identify and evaluate the patient’s vision problem, and then consequential assistance by qualified personnel toward the selection of the proper prescription glasses or contact lenses in order to ensure adequate visual comfort.

  • Vision analysis:
    the goal of the exam is to understand the real perception of dimensions, shape, position and color of the items that surround us.
  • Learning disability exam:
    this type of exam is aimed at understanding the patient’s reported disabilities, by the use of several tests, such as the visual test, or the reading and writing of texts.
  • Management of myopic progression:
    this disorder affects several people in the world, usually solved through the usage of ophthalmic lenses and contact lenses.
  • Visual re-education:
    is responsible of the continuous improvement of the visual capabilities aimed at achieving visual comfort.

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Ottica Lucciola is the reference point in Formia, Gaeta, Itri, Scauri Minturno, Fondi, Sperlonga, and other sud pontino zones for those who want to undergo optometric exams, create customized eye-glasses for an optimal visual comfort and style without compromises.

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