Revolutionise your sight with Zeiss SmartLife lenses available at Ottica Lucciola

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Vision clarity is key to living every moment to the fullest in an increasingly digital world where boundaries between the real and virtual are blurred.  Ottica Lucciola presents the new Zeiss SmartLife lenses, a revolutionary solution designed to meet the visual demands of the modern digital lifestyle.

As we get older, particularly after the age of 30, many of us begin to experience fatigue and difficulty transitioning from near to distance vision - a phenomenon exacerbated by prolonged use of digital devices. Zeiss SmartLife digital lenses have been developed to address these problems, facilitating clear, relaxed vision at all distances, and reducing eye fatigue at the end of the day.

Innovation and customisation

Zeiss SmartLife lenses are distinguished by the integration of advanced technologies such as Zeiss SmartView 2.0 and Intelligence Augmented Design. These technologies offer unprecedented customisation by combining detailed behavioural data with the user's anatomical and physiological parameters for optimised vision in all conditions.

A Choice of Style and Protection

With Zeiss SmartLife, you don't have to compromise style for comfort. The FrameFit® + technology ensures that the lenses adapt perfectly to your preferred frame, which guarantees only optimal vision and also a flawless appearance. The effectiveness of Zeiss SmartLife lenses is seen in the extremely positive feedback: 73% of users report experiencing less eye fatigue, 81% enjoy wider fields of vision and greater comfort, and an impressive 98% would recommend these lenses to their loved ones.

Choosing Ottica Lucciola for your Zeiss SmartLife lenses means putting your trust in experienced professionals, who will guide you in the right visual solution. Our team are here to help with your visual needs, finding ways to not only improve your vision but ultimately also your quality of life.

Don't Compromise Your Vision. Choose Zeiss SmartLife. Choose Ottica Lucciola.

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